Zulya Pashayeva

UX/UI Designer

Tech savvy and analytical professional with rich experience in creating graphic user interface elements, gathering user requirements, designing graphics elements, and illustrating design ideas. History of developing detailed workflows and prototype. Proven track record of providing solutions to address all usability and interface problems. Capable of producing UX deliverables such as user flows, site maps, and wireframes. Track record of devising multiple parallel programmes within time and budgetary constraints. Demonstrated success in leading and mentoring internal/external creative and design teams for continuous process and performance improvement.
Core Competencies: UI & UX Designing | User Journey Mapping | Needs

Answer responsive website

The purpose of my counselling website Answer, based on the research, is to serve as an important resource for people seeking counselling services in the UK, as well as for counsellors and therapists looking to promote their services and connect with potential clients. The website’s goals are focused on promoting mental health awareness, education, and access to high-quality counselling services.


Why Answer?

Answer could be a good name for a counselling website, as it suggests that the website can provide answers and solutions to people’s mental health concerns. However, it may be beneficial to add a qualifier or a descriptor to the name to provide more clarity on what the website offers. For example, ‘Answer Therapy’ or ‘Answer Counselling’ could be more descriptive and help to communicate the website’s purpose more clearly. It’s important to choose a name that accurately reflects the website’s goals and purpose and that is easy for users to remember and find online.

EC1 Partners website

The website of EC1 Partners is a specialist recruitment firm that provides recruitment solutions to clients in the FinTech services industry. The website provides information about their services, which include executive search, contract and interim recruitment, talent management, and advisory services. They also have a blog section where they publish articles on various topics related to recruitment and the financial services industry. Additionally, their website features job listings for various positions within the financial services sector, which can be browsed and applied for directly on their website

My role
  1. Conduct brand audit
  2. Research & user testing,
  3. Usability testing, PRD, Project management, Short term goal, Long term goal, Wireframes,
    Prototypes and defined UI and design specifications
  4. Created the consistent and intuitive look and feel across the company website
Health + app

Health+ is aimed at helping users (doctors and patients) keep track of well-being with the aid of personal devices, mostly smart phone. Health+ gives an opportunity to make an appointment with a doctor without calling the receptionist. It will provide users with a tool to communicate with doctors online (Video Conference, Online chat etc.). The service sends a request for a consultation to the first available specialist to reduce the waiting time. At the end of the consultation session, the user receives a report that contains general background information about the possible causes of anxiety or sickness, recommendations on general preventive measures that should usually be taken in such a situation before a face-to-face doctor’s appointment. Health+
provides services of specialist online in any country.
Money is debited at the end of the consultation

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023