Yasmin Clark

Inspiring marketer

Hi, I’m Yasmin. I’m an inspiring marketer who has recently completed the BA graphic communication course at the University of Reading. Skilled in competitor analysis, Adobe InDesign and presenting. I worked part-time throughout university which meant I had to remain organised to ensure I kept on top of my workload and met my deadlines. Group projects were where I excelled at university, usually taking on the role of the group leader. In terms of how I approached my projects, I worked methodically and creatively to create designs that were both visually appealing as well as functional. Wanting to be proactive in my interest in a marketing career, I have completed a handful of marketing courses through LinkedIn Learning. This includes a digital marketing foundations course and a marketing copywriting course.

Governess newspaper

Governess is a monthly newspaper where each article is written to show the feminist perspective of big news headlines that have been published and discussed by other news platforms. The aim of this was to place feminists and women in the media in a more positive light and bring feminist issues to the forefront of main news. Governess would be published by the Women’s equality party. I used the Women’s Equality Party brand colours throughout as well as included a pull-out in the centre which features news on their current campaigns and an infographic spread on a key women’s issue.

Oasis re-brand

This project was a group project where we were given the choice of 3 different charities to do a rebrand for. I opted for Oasis, a children’s charity based in Surrey who were looking for a friendly and approachable brand that reflected that they were more than just a children’s charity. We dissected all the information we were given from these meetings to also help Oasis ensure they had a solid base. They were lacking a strong vision and mission statements as well as brand values. At the end of the 6 weeks, we presented our ideas to Oasis and provided them with their pitch document.

Opa! magazine

I created a magazine which explored the cultures of each country within the Middle East. There were 2 purposes of Opa! The first was to offer an additional perspective of these countries that isn’t the stereotypical expectation. The second, and arguably most important purpose, is to help the new generations born and raised in the U.K., like myself, feel more connected to their heritage. Each issue is filled with history, recommended places to visit, traditional recipes and stories about some incredible people. 

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023