Taria Khan

UX/UI, Branding, Packaging 

H! I’m Taria Khan a recent graduate from university of reading. I possess strong sociability and quick learning ability, with a particular passion for UX/UI, branding, and packaging. Throughout my degree, I have honed my keen eye for design and developed a high level of attention to detail. I am skilled at working under deadlines and effectively incorporating feedback.

Born to Die music packaging & branding 

Introducing the repackaging of ‘Born To Die’ album: a captivating, meticulously curated experience. With a sleek aesthetic and immersive Box set, this presentation offers a renewed connection to Lana Del Rey’s masterpiece. The vinyl and CD editions feature stunning designs, elevating the audio experience. Rediscover the timeless beauty of Lana Del Rey’s music.

Re-set magazine

Re-set is an independent print magazine measuring 297×380 mm. Its deliberate size aims to underscore the importance of mental health issues and the critical need to tackle them. While most publications focusing on mental health are typically no larger than A5 or occasionally A4, my magazine will be in the larger A2 format.

Appointme responsive website 

Appointme is a web app that offers accessibility and online booking, which reduces the difficulty of making reservations as well as the struggle of calling at 8am.


“While over 40% of patients know that they can book appointment online, the number that actually do so is far lower. As you still have to call at 8am”

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023