Sara Nogueira Perez

Graphic Designer

I am a kind hearted, organised, determined and conscientious person who loves challenges and trying new things. My multicultural upbringing gives me a unique perspective of the world and the ability to speak both English and German fluently, as well as converse in Spanish. As a designer I have found materiality to be very important as I am a tactile person and love creating mock ups!

Big Swindon SleepOut branding

Aim: Amongst many other deliverables this client (Threshold) based project required an animation to raise awareness of homelessness in Swindon and promote Threshold’s Annual Sleep Out Event. Natalia and I learned a lot about the difficulties homeless people face and how to appropriately represent this to the public regarding a range of audiences. Project: Threshold Swindon’s Homeless Charity.

Heritage magazine

Heritage Magazine allowed me to not only discover and dive into my own cultural roots, but to develop my editorial design skills. In particular the way grids, hierarchies and imagery blend and interact in a series design, allowing for flexibility and structure simultaneously. Furthermore it allowed me to explore tactile design more, which I love.  

Baseline Shift 

One of my most rewarding projects by far is being a team member and later on a team co-leader of the Baseline Shift Team for the past 3 years. It has taught me a lot not just from the professionals who I watched and listened to whilst they were presenting every week but the networking and organisational skills for any future career. This was truly a pleasure and something I would definitely do again if given a chance, it has definitely taught me how important delegation and clear communication and clarity of roles within a team are for a team to function smoothly. 

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023