Sam Garrett

Typeface Design, Letterpress printing, Editorial

Hi, I’m Sam. I’m focussed on exploring type and publication, always intending to throw myself in the deep end of a brief, taking myself out of my comfort zone, by forcing myself to learn new skills. Over the last three years I have progressed these through designing my own custom typeface as well as a modular type system for the T&GC Flux 2023 identity at the University of Reading. I have had fun exploring integrating branding with editorial design through projects such as the RSA’s ‘The Common Room’ 2022 identity and my own proposal for an indie music magazine. Exploring type based letterpress printing has also helped refine my setting and composition detailing and styling whilst understanding more traditional processes.

The common room 

The Common Room was a publication for the 2022 BA and MA Art Students at the University of Reading. It was a collection of students work in progress and celebrated the personalities of the final year students.

Nightfall typeface 

Rested is a web app which has a focus on sleep, providing those who suffer with poor mental health with remedial content, to aid their well-being with a focus on achieving better quality sleep. The four main web app features aim to tackle the anxiety felt by my users, enabling them to feel a greater sense of calm, and help them wind down for the night. To create a serene and calming online environment, I developed a palette full of soft purple-blue tones with a pop of orange to drawn attention to call-to-action buttons.

Flux typeface 

This typeface was designed especially for the degree show branding. I was inspired by modular design and explored ideas of a modular typeface that could react within a grid and have a sense of motion whilst being visually exciting. Three layers of a grid were constructed, all proportionally scaled up from the primary layer on which the type was structured and created. Since the type was derived from the grid, it could be scaled up to sit at different sizes of these grids in a variety of formats. 

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023