Rio Ware

Graphic designer, UX/UI Designer

Hi, I’m Rio. I would describe myself as a creative individual with a logical mind and an excellent eye for detail. My time at Reading has allowed me to dabble in many areas of design but most importantly, I have discovered a passion for UX and UI design. I find projects that have a positive impact on others the most rewarding and I care about designing with empathy to create relevant and effective solutions. My favourite part of the design process is ideation – I enjoy brainstorming lots of ideas at the start of a project, realising I might be wrong, and working from there.

Brij mobile app

Brij is a parent-teacher communication app that strives to make school communications easier for teachers and parents with children in primary school. My user research involved conducting informal user interviews, which led me to believe that an effective solution to school communications would be one that takes the pressure off teachers while simplifying communication for parents. I designed Brij as a self-directed project in my third year, to carry out a full user-experience design process and improve my skills in prototyping using Figma.

4th Trimester responsive website

4th Trimester is a responsive website design that is aimed at new mothers who are looking to improve their mental and physical health postpartum. 4th trimester provides a sensitive and considerate solution to postpartum healthcare, catering for mums that are struggling with their physical or mental health after giving birth. The design of the website facilitates different methods of using the website such as browsing, searching and tracking based on different user needs. For this project, I carried out a full user experience design process and learnt how to adapt a mobile-first design to different breakpoints. Prototyped in Figma, I designed the 4th Trimester for 2 breakpoints; mobile and desktop.

Table42 mobile app

Table42 is a restaurant reservation app that fills a gap in the market with a way to make restaurant booking easier for people with specific dietary requirements. Table42 does the work for the user by providing a visual indication of which restaurants provide the best options for their diet. During the user research phase, I developed my primary persona, Jackie who needs a way to easily see which restaurants cater for a vegan diet to make booking a restaurant a more enjoyable experience. Table42 aims to solve this problem by allowing the user to select their dietary needs and preferences on first open of the app, and providing tailored results throughout the app based on their preferences. I designed Table42 as part of a Year 2 IBM project, with a focus on inclusive design and introduction to UX design.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023