Richard Andre

Graphic Designer

Hi I’m Ricky, I am a designer with a passion visual identity. I’m interested in exploring many accepts of design, from branding and editorial design, to packaging and illustration.

H.P. Lovecraft covers

This project used recent AI technology to develop a visual identity for a series collecting the short stories by H.P. Lovecraft. I found AI to be a useful tool which paired well with the cosmic horror subject matter.

Gin packaging

For this project I rebranded an organic spirits company to have an illustrative style to create some packaging designs with shelf presence. As the the company is proudly Welsh in origin, I created unique dragon characters for each bottle, encouraging users to collect the bottles.

London Jazz Festival branding

As part of the design practice module, I developed a brand identity for the London Jazz Festival. I wanted to emphasise the diversity showcased by the event so I went for a chaotic, hand-drawn approach.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023