Rian Batra

Branding and Advertising

Hi, my name is Rian and I have come to the end of my 3 years of the BA Graphic Communications degree at the University of Reading. I am an enthusiastic designer who is passionate about information design, branding & advertising and & typographic design. From completing many projects throughout the years of studying at university, I have managed to develop and improve my design skills. I would consider myself throughout the years to have grown in terms of my design skills and experienced the downs and ups with design, and I would acknowledge that I can produce high-quality design work. When it comes to the outside world of design, I do have a passion for technology and media and learning to take in new information about how the world is changing and adapting. I hope to grow as a designer and person when it comes to the professional working environment and design industry.

Engaging Environments branding

Engaging Environment working to reduce the impact of the climate and biodiversity crisis on most affected people and areas. The main goal of this branding project was to rebrand an existing website and logo for them. I learnt a lot about logo design, branding, and UI design systems for websites. The final outcome of this project was to enable diverse communities to understand their stake in environmental change which we produced and branded in the form of a logo and website. I really enjoyed progressing and working on this branding project, as it taught me a lot about how branding a business works and the professional processes that are involved in it too.

Transform responsive website

Transform, is a gym and fitness website that is aimed to target users who desire a healthier lifestyle and want a reliable place to go for new information and knowledge about fitness. It is a user experience designed with the aim of creating a website and mobile design in the genre of (Health and Fitness). The project taught me how to solely work around what the user wanted and the experience that they would like and hope for when using a website in the genre of health and fitness. I am very happy with the outcome of each deliverable with the website and the mobile design.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023