Naomi Yu

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Hi! I am Naomi. I am always passionate about being a graphic designer, particularly interested in illustrations and editorial design. Through these three years studying at the University of Reading, I have learnt to demonstrate a responsible approach to any task. I am also ambitious about every piece of my work. I am willing to achieve the best result and persevere in the professional quality of work regardless of any possible challenges in the future.

What to Pack for School children’s book 

In recent decades, mental health has become more valued, and the general public has started taking different mental illnesses more seriously, including childhood mental health disorders. Based on the newest data, the current childhood autism rate in the UK is increasing, around 1 in 57 children have experienced autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Reading is always essential and beneficial to children with ASD. Books can provide comfort, relaxation, happiness and fun through interesting imagery and storyline. Giving children time to read allows them to build self-esteem, vocabulary and imagination. However, there are not enough reading materials on the market that are reader-friendly to children with ASD. Children who have ASD often have problems with social communication and interaction with people. They also have different behaviours and ways of learning, moving and paying attention. Therefore, they need an alternative approach when designing a product for them. The project aims to create a storybook that provides a better reading experience to children with special needs.

SWITCH magazine 

SWITCH is a quarterly magazine that talks all about Nintendo Switch. The word ‘switch’ does not only refer to the game console’s name but also as an adverb. This magazine is aimed to switch the reader’s perspectives, from them being the player in the game to a game developer’s point of view. We understand there is already a huge and extremely supportive worldwide fanbase of Nintendo games. Every magazine volume, therefore, is a give-back to this community, to appreciate the fans’ support. The magazine will be published under the name of Nintendo, as it will be easier to find resources with the help of a large company and avoid unnecessary copyright problems.  We target all readers who enjoy playing Nintendo Switch. Yet, we particularly focus on creating a platform for gamers that are interested in finding out the BTS of every Switch game. Our magazine also includes numerous rare design sketches from the game, so we really welcome anyone who loves to learn more about game design to join our community. 

Where is Water game 

The Environmental Agency (EA) cooperates with different primary schools in England to promote the value of water to students. A scavenger hunt will be held in schools to help students gain a better understanding of the topic in an enjoyable way. Students need to find and collect different item cards, that are hidden in the school area, as many as possible.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023