Molly Philipps

Branding and Editorial Designer

Hi, I’m Molly Phillips and I’m an enthusiastic and determined designer. Having worked across a range of different projects, I’ve developed a passion for branding and editorial design. Throughout my time at Reading, I’ve also worked part-time at a Creative Agency. This has enabled me to apply what I’ve learned and the skills I’ve gained to real-world projects.

AMRAP Newspaper 

As part of my university studies, I designed a tabloid newspaper focusing on the sport of CrossFit. The paper is written in conjunction with the CrossFit Games and aims to educate, inspire and entertain

Insight magazine

As part of my university studies, I designed a magazine which also included a physical dummy. Insight is dedicated to giving readers insight into the process of creating entertainment for Amazon Prime and beyond. Featuring interviews with directors, producers, actors, as well as listings and reviews for new and upcoming releases, Insight gives you the story behind the story.

Not just another revival poster
At university, as part of a group project, I designed a poster using the letterpress. We chose to use the letterpress to print the poster so that we could emphasise its uniqueness as well as several printing techniques.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023