Megan Hancox

Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Megan. My roots as a designer come from more physical and hands-on forms of art, but over the past three years I have learnt to love the art of digital design too — particularly editorial design. I am excited to use these new skills to create expressive and impactful work, and to continue exploring the relationships between type and image to create meaning, while growing in my illustration abilities.

Infinity magazine

Infinity is an independent magazine dedicated to the endless wonders of space and astronomy, featuring thoughts and theories of the world, impressive astronomical photography, and expressive space-themed art. It is aimed at those interested in space and requires competence in reading, although there is plenty of visual imagery to engage readers in different ways. The magazine is released quarterly (every three months) throughout the year, and even allows readers to contribute to future issue content through discussions on the Infinity website.

The Species music packaging

This project allowed me to redesign a series of music packaging items for The Spacies, who are a modern, electro-pop music duo that create cinematic and nature-inspired music. The main deliverable was a 12 inch vinyl record cover, followed by three 7-inch single record covers, and a poster. The wave illustration used in different ways throughout the product series and links both to the musical flow, and the nature which inspired the songs.

A place upon the Sea

A project exploring the connections and relationships between word and image. This booklet tells the story of the Titanic sinking using a poem paired with abstract photographs. The layout, typography and composition have been carefully considered to maximise impact for the reader and to create a narrative that intends to evoke emotion through the booklet’s simple and delicate form.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023