Megan Beedie

Graphic Designer
Hi I’m Megan. I am an enthusiastic designer with a passion for all aspects of design. My time at Reading has allowed me explore a range of projects, improving skills in areas such as UX design, packaging and branding. I want to create exciting, user focused designs that will benefit the world around us.
Mood magazine 

Mood magazine is a vibrant magazine exploring self understanding. The magazine is split up into sections such as relationships, work and self knowledge to help its readers navigate all of life’s problems. I used bright colours and beautiful imagery for this magazine to express emotions that are often hard to explain through words.

London Jazz Festival

The brief for this project was to design marketing materials for the London Jazz festival. For this design i really wanted to reflect the history of Jazz music as well as implement strong themes of London. I created a collage out of iconic jazz musician from the ‘golden age’ of Jazz as well as iconic buildings and icons of London.

Mind garden responsive web app

Mind garden is a meditation web app designed for children and young people. It keeps users motivated by allowing them to grow a new plant, flower or tree each time they complete a meditation. The site is split into three useful sections: calm, focus and sleep to allow the user to quickly find the right meditation for them.

Soft colours and friendly illustrations are used to create a welcoming and calming atmosphere for young people to visit in times of stress. Meditations are focused on topics specific to young people including exam stress and friendship troubles so that the user feels listened too and understood.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023