Kory Huang

UI/UX & Branding Designer

Hi everyone my name is Kory Huang and I am very good at analysing data and using it. I try to extract the small but important things from the data I analyse, and compare it with similar content of similar products in the market. This has helped me tremendously in UX. In my three years at UoR I have been able to use this data to improve a lot in different areas. The combination of complete data, beautiful illustrations and graphics always gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I really enjoy the process and the results.

Pillow responsive web app

Pillow is a web app that monitors the quality of sleep, which in today’s society is a major health issue for young people. The web app monitors the quality of sleep, the breathing rate during sleep and the decibel level of the ambient noise. The system provides a professional mobile analysis after each use. In addition to this, there are online diagnostic advisors for sleep problems, meditation, white noise and more. It is hoped that these features will help users to have a good night’s sleep.

Enchanted Tales magazine 

Enchanted Tales is a series of independent magazines. The magazine focuses on the films of Studio Ghibli. It was opened to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Studio Ghibli. Each magazine will tell the story of one of Mr Miyazaki’s films, including a synopsis of the content, the production process, interviews with the producers and more.

Teapots packaging 

This is a repackaging design for Teapigs, a young and successful tea brand. It is a tea that has a certain quality. So my design concept was to have fun and look quality. The different sizes of the fonts give the image layers and a sense of fun, and the full illustration gives the packaging a very high end quality look. The combination of the two makes it stand out on the shelf.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023