Kaylee Huang

UI/UX, Packaging and Branding

Hi, I’m Kaylee. I’m a designer with enough passion and ideas for design, with a keen eye for detail. I have developed advanced skills in a range of different projects and this has developed into a passion for UIUX, packaging and brand development. I look forward to my career as a designer and in the future I hope to build on my skills and hopefully work on more amazing projects.
Teapigs packaging

Design and create physical and digital packaging for relaunched food products. I chose to rebrand the British tea brand, Teapigs, for this tea packaging to include a range of options for the product (such as different flavours).

Dr. Period website
Dr. Period is a period tracker website that works by allowing users to record the start and end dates of their periods, as well as any symptoms they may be experiencing. The website uses this information to predict future periods and to provide reminders for upcoming periods. The website also offers the additional feature of the software being updated with blog posts about period knowledge to help users get a closer look at themselves. In addition, the website supports calendar sharing with family or partners to help them become more aware and attentive to the user’s health.
Just Tasty magazine

Welcome to Just Tasty, a monthly food magazine designed to explore the diversity of delicious dishes and share recipes from local restaurants across the world. Our aim is to provide a platform to share food from a variety of different styles and cultures in one place.

Our content includes reviews from online content creators and feedback from people who have visited different restaurants, as well as recipes collected from individual restaurants. We believe that food is an important part of people’s everyday lives and that exploring different cuisines can add some fun and excitement to life.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023