Kaija Hunter

Branding, Packaging, Editorial & Poster design

Hi! I’m Kaija Hunter. I have always held creativity very close to my heart and as a result of this, design has become my biggest passion. Having initially felt lost regarding my career path, I have never felt more motivated and confident in what I can deliver as I do now. Although I have a particular interest in branding, packaging, editorial and poster design – I know I could thrive within any design criteria set ahead of me and would describe myself as a well rounded designer. My problem solving approaches are unique and distinctive – often being able to generate a multitude of alternative ideas at ease. I also enjoy working amongst others, and with previous experience managing a team in a professional setting, I embrace the concept and importance of constructive criticism and collaboration.

Cryptic magazine

For this project, we had to design a new, independent magazine representing a form of art. Of course, I had to base mine around the wonders of streetwear – my biggest passion. This was by far one of my favourite projects I had ever endured. I decided to call my magazine ‘Cryptic’ which is a play on the idea of underground cultural relations to streetwear. I curated and sourced everything within this project from the branding behind it to the content and images seen throughout.

Move to Zero (Nike) packaging 

For this project, I was set out to redesign a product that I felt needed attention. The brief was extremely vague so of course(!) I decided to redesign a Nike shoebox, more specifically for the Move to Zero range. I chose this particular redesign because I felt that the Move to Zero’s current shoebox design lacked the charismatic and innovative nature of the company Nike themselves – instead it represents the typically boring, brown, sustainable packaging (something which I wanted to challenge).

Frankie Collective brand design 

A self directed project complete with a full rebrand scheme, including logo, colour scheme, graphic elements, social media posts and thank you cards for @frankiecollective. The main asset to this project was the client facing report which consists of a thorough client and competitor analysis, in order to promote the importance of the rebrand and pitch a new proposition in light of previous branding challenges. I have chosen to focus on a unique colour scheme and other graphic elements as an alternative approach to the previous branding – choosing to remain to a simple type logo (as seen in previous branding) as a way to stay recognisable to an existing consumer market. A toned down logo also helps enhance the importance of photography recognised within the brands graphic language. The deliverables consisted of a full rebrand with a client facing report, as well as two social media posts (one of which seen above) supporting the new proposed graphic approach.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023