Jude Webster

Editorial design, art direction & illustration

Hi! I’m Jude, and I have an interest in editorial and magazine design, art direction and the fashion sphere of design. Creativity and expression are a huge part of the way I design, I am fond of illustration and artistic visual creation, and am aways ready to try new techniques, methods or styles of design. As a queer creative I have a diverse outlook on modern design, and am excited to see what a future in the industry has in store for me.

It Girl* magazine 

This page features pages and visuals from my 2023 magazine design project, ‘It Girl*’, a queer fashion, art, music and literature magazine focused on the discussion of work by minority creatives. It Girl* is styled after an early 2000’s teenage girl magazine, full of nostalgia and ‘tacky’ or kitsch imagery. It takes the heavily gendered concept of a gossip mag and turns it on it’s head, with over-the-top visuals, taboo topical articles, and an obnoxiously queercore visual identity. The magazine was influenced by London based feminist magazine, Polyesterzine

Sanguine period products

This project was totally self directed, from the brief to the final deliverables. The aims of the project were to produce a series of gender neutral and sustainable sanitary product box designs, as well as an accompanying social media campaign. Research was conducted surrounding gender neutral design, sustainable packaging developments, and the changing landscape of period product marketing.

Album packaging

This project consisted of a special edition album packaging release for My Chemical Romance’s hit rock opera album, ‘Three cheers for sweet revenge’. The deliverables are comprised of an Edwardian-style paper theatre with insertable illustrations or ‘scenes’, 6 foreground and 6 background illustrations, a branded cassette tape, a lyric book with the rock opera’s plot and tracklist, and a box to contain the products.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023