Jannah Holder

Brand Design

Hello!, I’m Jannah Holder, a creative individual who has come to the end of my studies on the BA Graphic Communications degree at the University of Reading. I have a strong passion for design and have developed a range of skills useful in many areas including but not limited to typography, illustration, branding and print design. I take a strongly theoretical approach to design as a result of my studies and coming from a diverse background, which has exposed me to a wide range of perspectives on graphic design. I thoroughly enjoy all areas of creativity and find myself dedicating majority of my time to brand design. I hope to keep growing and learning within the industry and professional environment.

Chromatic magazine

Chromatic is a UK based fashion magazine offering a print platform for aspiring, recently graduated fashion designers. Chromatic thrives in providing a space for fashionista’s to showcase their designs in a space separate from the over-saturated platform of social media. Participants are interviewed with a series of standard and personalised questions allowing them to set themselves apart from other participants. The young adult readership of 18 to 25 are invited to discover new and unique fashion, from sustainable designers and brands. Chromatic promotes sustainability and offers our readers the opportunity to discover their own identity and style aside from the fashion trends seen on populated social platforms. Fashion should be accessible and a creative expression for all, so our magazine is available to purchase on a quarterly basis for £7. The magazine hosts exclusive articles and information, helping you step up your fashion game. This project allowed me to venture into editorial design, specifically magazines which I was initially not too confident in. I was able to explore how my passion for brand design provided a direction for the magazine and shaped the narrative I wanted to build for Chromatic. This combined with learning about grid systems, layouts and more allowed me to produce a magazine that I was really proud of and I am now keen to expand my skills in this area.

Hidden Disabilities learning kit

The Hidden Disabilities kit is a great tool to start broadening your understanding on the wide range of disabilities and how you can accommodate those living with them! The kit has been designed to include ‘How to Play!’ instructions for the teachers to use and follow along with during the workshop. Hidden disabilities are often overlooked and misunderstood causing those living with a disability to be further impacted negatively. We as a society can accommodate those around us by supporting them in everyday situations whether we know about their disability or not. It can be having the basic knowledge of hidden disabilities that can make the smallest impact on their lives . The Hidden Disabilities Learning Kit has been created to build a more considerate atmosphere for those living with hidden disabilities through awareness within educational institutions.

SKYN responsive website

Specialised skin company, ‘SKYN’ is a service for 16-25 year old females that provides personalised skincare products formulated to their skin type. The quiz feature of the site produces the personalised formula based on the information provided by the user; their lifestyle, habits, skin problems and skin treatments. Unlike other skincare companies that offer generic products made for all people with different skin problems, dry skin for example, Skyn niches down on products that specifically targets the reasons for their dry skin whilst fixing other problem areas. Once the customer receives their personalised formula, they are able to explore the product in detail from a breakdown of ingredients, benefits, usage and more.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023