Holly Saunders

UX/UI Designer

Hi I’m Holly! I am a Bristol based undergraduate graphic designer. I have particular interests in: UX design, branding and poster design. I am always keen to expand my skills in a variety of design areas and always keep my users needs in mind during projects.

Talking Heads ’77 vinyl
The vinyl is a redesign of the Talking Heads ’77 album. The album has a collective meaning, each song tells a different story but the overall connotation of the album is bitter-sweet. The album contains themes of love, human connection, distance, loneliness and terror. I attempted to convey these feelings mixed with strong elements of the music genre ‘punk’ through my packaging.
On the Rocks magazine
On the Rocks is a cocktail and alcoholic beverage magazine aimed at those interested in mixology, great evenings at great bars, and bringing the party home. The magazine will be issued quarterly so that it can bring seasonal trends to the audience along with great recipes, techniques, discussion and professional insight.
Shark responsive web app

Shark is a non judgemental, non threatening web app aimed to help people who suffer from gambling addiction seek help and reduce their dependency and harm they are causing. Shark is a web app that provides them with information and activities on how they can distract themselves from gambling, unlike other apps that provide them with just money trackers, our product provides them with: a gambling tracker, short relaxing activities and access to immediate support and helpful advice.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023