Hanorah Murphy

Graphic Designer, Editorial & UX/UI Designer

Hi, I’m Hanorah, I am a goal-driven graphic design artist, with a passion for design. I am successful at applying technical skills to create pieces that informs and engages. I am invested in all aspects of design but, especially passionate about visual design, and interactive design however, I am constantly exploring to widen my knowledge within design practices. I have a can do attitude and feel every piece of work is an opportunity to learn and further my knowledge.

Dare to glamour magazine

Dare to glamour, an independent magazine. A project consisting of editorial, branding and web design. Picture this, a makeup magazine that does not promote unhealthy beauty standards, instead focuses on the beauty within creativity. Inspired by Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-up Star creativity and looks. Illusion is a new and upcoming makeup-magazine with a focus on pushing the boundaries of makeup through creativity. Illusion is not like any other beauty magazine; each issue is completely unique and can be found covering many different aspects of makeup.

Prevent Type 2 responsive website

Prevent Type 2 is a website / web app that provides information around the condition of pre-diabetes. Whilst offering interactive features that such as a game and a quiz that provides information and monitoring and tracking features through the account section to help with everyday life of managing pre-diabetes and prevent it from becoming type 2.

SHYFX music packaging 
The brief was to design and make physical and digital packaging for the launch of ‘SHY FX Essential album’, whilst improving their current branding. Along with designing three alternative promotional material. 
I wanted to design an album cover that not only was user friendly, but also communicated the style of the music to the listener.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023