Hannah Ferguson

Graphic designer 

Graphic communication student who has a keen interest in illustration and the more artistic creative aspect of design.

Rewrkd magazine 

This project for ‘Publishing Platforms in the Design Practise module involved creating a magazine of our choice alongside 3 covers, a pitch and an online presence. for the magazine, I chose to focus on the topic of sustainability in the fashion industry and how we can encourage people to rewear, recycle or ‘rework’ their items. Each issue highlights issues in the industry, sustainable brands and collections and artists in the industry. It’s a magazine about fashion and art so I wanted to reflect that in the collage style of the magazine, showing that we can stitch and cut things to create something new. There is a key colour for each issue to create a collectible set of magazines. The online presence focused on the website that sold issues of the magazine and poster spreads as well as highlights individual readers work that featured with the hashtag #rewrkd on Instagram. There are also further articles to read relating to the topic. There is a feature to search for a location and find up cycling classes.

Retro Funk typeface 

The brief for the module ‘Typeforms’ was to design a typeface in upper and lower case. I chose a compact retro style font that was particularly effective in uppercase and at large size, such as a poster. I designed a retro poster that would appropriately use the font. The design process involved initial sketches of letters using a ruler for measurements. I then used the app Glyphs to import the hand drawn images and digitally draw them out. They were then typeset in Indesign to create appropriate spacing between the words. This project challenged skills of ensuring corners, angles and measurements were consistent in each letter to create a font in which had a strong relationship between the letters.

The Butterfly Effect 

The brief for the project ‘Word and Image’ regarded exploring a relationship between word and image and how they can work together or in the absence of the other. The outcome was a booklet at a set dimension and producing a report to go alongside this. The topic of this booklet was left to me to decide. I decided on The Butterfly Effect and used real stories of where it has affected peoples lives. I made collages out of vintage images of photography mixed with drawings and butterflies and plants and paired it with a typewriter font to tell the stories. There is also a poem running throughout the booklet to create continuity. The design process included researching other collages for inspiration and working with collage elements until a final design was created. Illustrator and Photoshop were key tools in this process, removing backgrounds and adding colours and effects.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023