Hafsah Culasy

UX designer

Hi, I’m Hafsah. I’m an inspiring User experience designer and always seeks new challenges and opportunities to develop. I have an active and dynamic approach to work and like getting things done. I’m a highly motivated and a hardworking individual with good interpersonal skills. I have recently completed BA in Graphic Communication at The University of Reading. Skilled in Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign. Workload management is something I thrive at, this is evident by how I’ve managed to work a part-time job all the while maintaining my studies throughout university.

Chegworth Valley packaging

To redesign the packaging for Chegworth Valley fruit juices in a creative and vibrant way which catches the consumers eyes when placed on a shelf in supermarkets. To design packaging which appeals to a target audience of all ages, as the ingredients are pure juice from the fruit I want to redesign the packaging to appeals to a target audience of all ages which could encourage children to drink more fruit juices.

Cultured magazine 

Cultured is a 148mm x 210mm independent magazine, consisting of around 130–160 pp. per issue with an online website for customers to purchase magazines. The size of this magazine has been designed and created with the idea that customers are able to fit the magazine in their bags and is convenient for travelling.

Each magazine issue will be released every three months (tri annually) aiming to showcase articles on many cultured jewellery artists as well as the history of the culture highlighting the key aspects of patterns and colours used in their cultures and how this is shown in their jewellery pieces and companies. This allows readers to gain a better understanding on various cultures and support upcoming jewellery artists throughout their career and journey.

ASOS Plugin

In this project I designed and prototyped a user-centered application using wireframes and other industry relevant research/problem solving tools and develop a pitch-ready concept. I explored modern mobile operating systems, building on their Human interface guidelines (HIGs) and paying attention to what information will engage users and how they will interact with it. This App will take into consideration accessibility and usability for users. 

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023