Georgia Ejihritobo

Graphic Designer

As a designer, I’ve always been most passionate about the problem-solving and decision-making aspects of design as they encourage the most creativity. I’d describe myself as a creative and highly motivated individual which I feel bleeds into my design work. I aspire to help and inspire others through my work hence why I’ve taken a major interest in Branding and UX/UI Design. I work well on my own but thoroughly enjoy working with others. In the future, I hope to build on my skills and hopefully work on more amazing projects.

Keep Me Moving – UX

This project was a ux exercise web app/website design that sought to address user needs by explaining exercises to them through video, photos, and easy-to-read text. The web app featured motivational articles and tools and an easy-to-use exercise log feature. The project taught me how best to make decisions based on user needs and to effectively conduct useful user research.

The End Of History – Branding/Editorial

For this project, I created a satirical political magazine focusing on different ideologies and comparing their past iterations to their current forms through interviews, opinion pieces, and satirical listings/articles. I was able to further develop further skills in user research by looking into my target audience and similar magazines critically and branding by creating the magazine’s brand beyond the physical magazine. Moving forward, the further development of these skills will be useful to apply to future design projects.

Saeyama – Editorial/Other

Saeyama was a booklet I created to explore the history of the Benin Bronzes and ideas about colonialisation and erasure. This project was interesting as I was able to engage in academic research about the culture that created the bronzes as well as look into the history of colonisation and its continued legacy. The project was centered around the power behind combining words and images so it was useful in helping me to further develop key design skills like composition and how to best convey meaning to a given audience by the medium of design.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023