Emily Collard

Branding, Packaging & Editorial Designer

Hi! I’m Emily, a passionate and detail-orientated graphic designer and typographer, who has a love for bright and colourful visual approaches. Over the past three years, I have developed the mindset that design is not just about aesthetics, but must function for its intended purpose. As I enter the professional industry, I look forward to continuing to grow as a designer and further build my confidence in my ability.

Alpro packaging

Tasked with rebranding an existing companies packaging, I decided to design a new collection of Alpro dairy-free milk cartons. Straying from the bland and white approach currently adopted by Alpro, I created custom illustrations and developed bright, tonal colour palettes. This added personality to each flavour within this new collection and allowed me to consider the function of the packaging, incorporating nutrition and usage information which are crucial for food products. Within this collection, I redesigned two of Alrpo’s existing flavours, and implemented a new range of pea milk. To act as promotion for this new flavour, I designed a few additional items including a tote bag and pea seed packets.

EarthKind magazine

EarthKind is a lifestyle publication with an environmental and sustainable focus. This magazine touches on recent news stories, as well as sharing reviews and recommendations of sustainable cosmetic and lifestyle products. EarthKind will be extremely topical and will not only educate, but will also inspire and guide its readership to live their most sustainable lives. EarthKind adopts a more structured and sophisticated design, to ensure the serious nature of the content is respected. The use of bright accent colours and breath-taking photography adds an aesthetic appearance and provides ‘breaks’ and changes of pace within the magazine.

Rested responsive web app

Rested is a web app which has a focus on sleep, providing those who suffer with poor mental health with remedial content, to aid their well-being with a focus on achieving better quality sleep. The four main web app features aim to tackle the anxiety felt by my users, enabling them to feel a greater sense of calm, and help them wind down for the night. To create a serene and calming online environment, I developed a palette full of soft purple-blue tones with a pop of orange to drawn attention to call-to-action buttons.

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Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023