Ellie Rogers

Graphic designer

Creativity has always been a passion and strength of mine. Growing up, surrounded by my fathers fathers work involving typography and branding for businesses, influenced me to later down the line follow the same path. Studying at the University of graphic design, is where much of my experience as a designer began. Throughout this course, I studied extensively on developing my skills in designing for clients, using design as an approach to solving social and environmental problems through awareness and gaining a better understanding on how to approach design in engaging and attractive way. These years at the University of Reading sculpted my passion for design further and provided me with the ability to approach any project assigned with full confidence and assurance. My portfolio takes you on a journey through my favourite pieces of work I have produced over the years and I look forward to the many more design projects yet to come.

Oyster Outcomes brochure

As one of my projects for Real Jobs, I was tasked to create a brochure for a consultancy company, Oyster Outcomes. This project provided me with real client experience and helped refine my skills in adobe software.

Cloud Nine newspaper

Another project was advanced editorial, where I produced a newspaper on the topic of good news. This helped my grow skills in editorial, formatting large amounts of type and develop skills in Indesign.

Glossi magazine

The magazine project was one of my favourites, and involved creative skills as well as editorial in order to produce a magazine on the topic of makeup. This project also involved binding my magazine to produce a physical outcome.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023