Denisa Astanei

UX/UI & Editorial Designer

In my work I am passionate about exploring the themes that inspire me in my daily life. I strive to bring a methodical approach to design that incorporates my interests. In my UX/UI work I am mostly preoccupied with the understanding the user’s need and delivering solutions accordingly. I am always excited about exploring challenges and unfamiliar obstacles.

Antidot newspaper 

The challenge of our Advanced Editorial module was to create a professional newspaper template. Antidot is the title of my proposed newspaper and it aspires to restore a connection with literature that has been lost due to the cultural shift towards social media. The learning outcomes of this project refined my understanding of typography and handling large amounts of text. It also helped me garner a better and more versatile understanding of the capabilities of Adobe InDesign.

MoodTrack responsive web app

MoodTrack is my UX/UI proposal for our Design Practice module on flexible design for multiple screen devices. It is centred around mental health, tackling the monitoring of Borderline Personality Disorder. Approaching the needs of people living with a serious mental health condition required research and sensible user interviews. The design process involved real life interviews, conceptualisation and user testing which convey the industry based approach to UX/UI design, an invaluable experience for any design student. The multiple rounds of users testing ensured I could refine and perfect the navigation, leading to the sharpening of my understanding of user behaviour and flexible design for screens.

MA Fine Art catalogue 

Completed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the MA Fine Art catalogue is the result of my collaboration through Real Jobs with the University of Reading Fine Art department. The completion of this project required online calls and debates on how we could bring the sense of what was happening around us at the time to the catalogue design. Working with artists and helping them showcase their work has been a valuable experience. This project helped me develop my organisational skills in working remotely with a group constituting the client. The task of typesetting the catalogue in accordance to my client’s guidance helped me solidify my understanding of the client/designer relationship.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023