Daniel Cox

Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m a young and energetic designer who’s really passionate about communication and art. I find the design medium fascinating because of its experimental nature. Personally, I enjoy using Photoshop to create designs that are vibrant and dynamic.

Velocity : Design : Comfort album cover

This album cover design celebrates 20 years of the album, Velocity : Design : Comfort by sweet trip. This album design aims to convey themes of technology vs nature using chaotic, texture-heavy visuals.

bog magazine

bog magazine is an exploration of sci-fi and fantasy culture, dedicated to celebrating the talented artists and creatives involved in this vibrant field. The magazine’s design is intentionally crafted to be colourful and eclectic, capturing the excitement that artists working in this genre bring to their creations.

Blade Runner 2049 animation

A dynamic stop-motion approach was utilized to reimagine the after-credit sequence of Blade Runner 2049. The animation’s visual style aims to captures the film’s themes of encrypted and fragmented digital data.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023