Ajoke Sofiyyah Cardoso

Editorial, UX/UI & Branding Designer

One of my greatest attributes is my creativity. I love thinking outside the box and creating unique and innovative ideas for my projects. I am always eager to learn new techniques and explore different design styles to push myself creatively and create outstanding work.

I always seek ways to learn from and network with other designers. I am also open to any training and development opportunities that would help me grow as a designer and a professional. I am a motivated and dedicated individual committed to achieving my goals and positively impacting the design industry.

In my portfolio, you will find a variety of print and digital design work that showcases my creativity, attention to detail, and proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and AfterEffects. I am also familiar with Microsoft Office packages, especially PowerPoint.

Afrocentric magazine

A cultural magazine that shows the futuristic beauty of the African diaspora and its connection to African culture. This magazine was born out of love and admiration for African culture and tradition. However, with society’s mindset of only viewing African culture as backward and regressive, we need to change the narrative and articulate our history and system of values.

Overall, Afrocentric is a 215mm x 290mm monthly magazine that contains a hypnotic blend of traditional African culture with cyberpunk, science-fiction and space opera. The magazine includes genres of Afrofuturistic literature, films, fashion and music. The magazine’s primary goal is to offer an escape from real-world troubles and imagine the world of a futuristic African society.

London Jazz Festival branding

A branding project for the London Jazz Festival. With a focus on special events catering to a diverse audience, this poster design will celebrate the femininity, empowerment, and cultural heritage of jazz while highlighting the contributions of Black musicians.

This a stunning illustration of a talented saxophonist, cellist and vocalist exuding confidence and grace. The illustration captures the essence of their performance, showcasing the emotions and energy that jazz evokes.

Overall, this poster design will celebrate the femininity, cultural diversity, and talent within the jazz community, inviting both regular jazz enthusiasts and new audiences to experience the magic of the London Jazz Festival.

Ease responsive web app

Ease is a health web application that explicitly targets people experiencing period pain and related issues. It is designed to provide tools and guidance to manage and alleviate symptoms related to reproductive health. The app recognizes that reproductive health is often not prioritized, even though menstrual pain is a common experience for many individuals.

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading
BA Graphic Communication Flux degree show 2023